Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Latest Information on Jay

Hello All,

Just a quick update on my honey....sorry it has taken me so long to do a journal entry.

Well, first, let me tell you all that Jay is hanging in there and being the strong warrior we all know him to be.  Second, the tough part...we saw the oncologist a few weeks ago and Jay's cancer is back again.  The scan shows another tumor growing in his abdomen.  It's about an inch in diameter.  This prompted Jay to ask some very pointed questions and the doctor gave him very direct answers.  Jay asked what the likelihood was that the cancer would come back again even if the chemo were to kill this tumor.  The doctor's answer?  "100% probability.  Mr. Hare, there is no cure for this.  You will continue to be on chemotherapy to try to keep the cancer at bay for as long as we can."  Translation? Jay will be on chemotherapy for the rest of his life.  However long that is.  No prognosis or anything like that was given because people can live for years and years on chemotherapy.  It is known to prolong the life of many cancer patients.  The doctor told us that we should look into permanent disability because he won't be able to work while enduring several more rounds of chemotherapy.  A tough pill to swallow, but Jay handled it very well and he is doing everything he can to not allow negative thoughts to enter his mind.  As for me, well...we can say that my faith is being stretched, even tested, but I know that my God is in control and He will do something so wonderful with this seemingly terrifying situation.  I am grasping on tightly to that knowledge.

Jay is keeping busy with fishing trips being planned, days of golf under his belt and just new projects around the house.  We are looking at getting a new doggie too!  A beautiful six year old male Boxer named "TJ."  What a blessing that will be for Jay.  For both of us!  We need a rambunctious animal to keep us focused on having fun and staying active.  You should've seen Jay's face when he met TJ.  It was love at first sight.  We are going to take Sonny over to meet TJ tonight.  Provided Sonny doesn't try to kill TJ (LOL) we will bring TJ home on Saturday.  I can't wait!

Well, that's it for now.  I will write again soon with more updates and possibly a picture of Jay with TJ.

Love to you all!