Wednesday, May 23, 2012

All Things Work Together...

"And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose." Romans 8:28

Well, here it is...I have finally reached the point where I can actually SEE the Lord's handy work and greater purpose for my life! It is a milestone I didn't think I would ever reach.Throughout all of the grit and gore of my mourning, the Lord has proven to be faithful to me and He promised me through His word that He would use everything for His purposes. This promise I have held onto with a death-grip since even before Jay passed away!

When you are the one swimming in the "sea of grief" it is very difficult to fathom that the Lord could use such a devastating circumstance to encourage others and bring glory to Himself. This would be why HE is God and I am NOT. My quickly failing, over-the-age of 40 human eyesight, has given way to divine clarity in recent days...and MY GOD will receive the glory for what He has placed before me.

I have a heart to minister to other widows. I have had that burden on my heart for a couple of years now. The Lord has strategically placed widows in my life for me to encourage throughout my mourning process. He was preparing me all along for this calling. I will be the coordinator for the new widow's ministry at my church! This is a BIG responsibility and I am taking it very seriously. The enemy would love for me to be distracted or scared, but I am so excited for this opportunity to love on my widow-sisters. It fills my heart with such joy to be able to encourage a sister on her journey through mourning the loss of their husband.  The Lord is healing me more and more with each time I am able to encourage someone to not give up hope. It is true - you really do receive comfort by comforting others. God's word is more alive now than ever before!

For a very long time there have been no ministries that I truly felt like I belonged in because of my widowhood. When you become a widow, you sort of feel like an alien. You're "technically" single, but you certainly don't feel single. You're "biblically" married to the Lord (Isaiah 54:5), but that feels foreign because you are used to having your human husband with you and he is now in heaven. You have no single friends, only married ones, and you often feel like a third wheel when you hang out with them. You just don't feel like you "fit" anywhere.

So NOW is the time! The Lord has given me the gift of a "place of belonging"...and I am blessed to help other widows find their place of belonging.

Romans 8:28...Oh yes, the Lord truly does use everything to serve HIS purpose and bring glory to His name!

He is faithful.

He is good.

He is ever-present.

He is merciful.


Thank you, Jesus!