Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Passing of A Friend

Through this journal, I have made many friends...but there is one friend in particular that has touched my life for such a brief period of time, and now she is gone.  I stumbled upon Kim's journal, "I Shaved My Legs For This" as I was learning how to journal myself.  Kim had breast cancer.  At the time that we met, I thought that she would beat it because she had such a fighting spirit.  I posted her journal site on my blog so others could click on it and read what a wonderful woman she was. 

Unfortunately, Kimmie passed away yesterday...finally ending the horrendous battle with this relentless disease.  Kimmie is no longer having to take chemo, radiation and a slew of other so-called treatments.  She is out of pain.  Out of anguish.

I was blessed to get to know such an amazingly strong woman.  She inspired me in so many ways. 

For anyone fighting cancer or caring for someone fighting the cancer battle, please go to Kim's journal site and read her entries.  You'll be inspired in your own lives to make a difference.  I promise you that.

Rest in peace Kimmie.  You were loved in this life and will never be forgotten.