Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Update on Jay

Hi Everyone!

It has been a while since I've sent out an update on Jay and his progress through the chemotherapy treatments.  He is still doing very well.  We saw the oncologist today and we had to change the chemo regimen up a little. 

A couple of weeks ago Jay had a really bad reaction to one of the chemo drugs called, "Oxalyplatin."  It was causing him to have minor problems prior to this last treatment, but two weeks ago Jay had a very serious reaction that caused everyone to stand up and take notice.  Today, the doctor stated that we now have conclusive information that it was this particular drug causing the problems so we are now taking the Oxalyplatin (Oxaly for short) out of the mix.  In doing this, Jay's time in "the chair" has been narrowed down to a quick 30 minutes from 3 hours and 30 minutes.  Jay was quite pleased about that.  With this subtraction, comes an addition however, and Jay will now be taking more of his oral chemotherapy pills...Xeloda.  It just makes him a bit more tired, but doesn't make him sick to his stomach like the liquid chemo.  So, we increase the pills by one additional pill per day for three weeks, then off oral chemo for a week, and then back on for three...and on and on. 

Jay is eager to return to work before the end of the year, but I told him that I think he needs to wait until his next scan comes back clean before making any final decisions.  We have much to consider, and his health is the most important issue at this point and I don't want him going back to work earlier than he should.  

Jay has become the fishing guru, if you will, to a few friends and he has kept himself occupied by acting as a guide on some fishing expeditions and also accepting the role of teacher to another friend who has just discovered the joys of fishing.  This has been a real blessing because Jay loves it when he can do something that he is really passionate about and that is fishing, as well as teaching someone how to fish the right way...by honoring the fish and their environment.  It is something that he takes pride in, and I'm proud of him for it. 

We are both doing just fine.  We just celebrated anniversary #15 which was a very important milestone for us, especially given the circumstances of his health.  What a blessing it was to be able to spend that time together.  He had chemotherapy the day before our actual anniversary so he spent the day in bed, but I was happy to be there with him, laying my head on his chest and listening to his heartbeat.  What a blessing.  We actually celebrated many days later when he was feeling better.  So special, the memories we are creating.  I am loving it.

So, my beloved friends and family, that is all for now.  Thank you for your prayers...they are felt.  Thank you for loving us.  We love you all.


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ajquinn354 said...

Jamie, have you discussed the possibilities of whether your hubby would be a good candidate for RFA - Radio Frequency Ablation with his colon cancer.  Check this out on the internet and talk with his Doctor.  My cousin Bruce has had this for his cancer, helped so much.  Know not all folks are able to go this route depending on their cancer type, etc. but, worth checking out.  Arlene (AJ)