Saturday, August 23, 2008

My Favorite Little Girl

In the midst of all of the trials that I am going through...I neglected to mention one of the positive things going on in my life.  Shame on me.

I have a beautiful 11 year old niece, Alyissa, and she is the light of my life.  I haven't gotten to see her very often in her 11 years, but she won me over the day she was born and has been my favorite ever since.  I absolutely adore this little girl...young lady...well, whatever, she has my heart. 

Alyissa is at the tender age where the world can influence her either negatively or positively...that's it...there are only two ways to go.  Well, I won't let the negative influences of this world get to my girl.  I want her to grow up knowing just how special she is and that nothing can stop her from accomplishing all that she dreams of. 

There have been people in her life that have given her the impression that she isn't good enough...that because she doesn't have the right clothes or the family isn't rich then she is less of a person because of it...thus shaking her confidence in herself.  That makes me so angry!  People are always so eager to put other people down so they can make themselves feel more superior...well I'm not going to allow that to happen to Alyissa...not on my watch!!  

I remember when I was her age...I know what all of the negative did to me.  I will do everything I can to help her realize that it isn't her fault that other people are judgmental.  She needs to know that she can be herself...and NO MATTER WHAT...she will be loved.

Okay, so here's the Mom...Alyissa's Grandma...takes care of her.  Almost since the time Aly was born.  And for a number of years now, my Mom has had custody of her 100% of the time.  Well, my Mom has made a huge sacrifice to do this.  She didn't have to, but she saw the need for it and set her life aside to take care of this little girl.  I am so proud of my Mom for that sacrifice she has made.  But Mom is getting to the point where she needs help with AlyAly has her own opinions of how life should go...and we all know what happens as little girls turn into teenagers.  Yikes!  So Mom needs a 'wing man'...or 'wing woman'...LOL.  That's where I come in.

I've been talking to my Mom about moving closer to me so that we can raise Aly together as a team.  I know that once Aly gets a little older...the challenges become far greater than what I think my Mom will be able to handle.  She did it once with my brother and I, but I am not certain...with all of the challenges of the teenagers of today...that my Mom is going to be able to deal with it.  Anyway, my Mom has now purchased a home in my city...just a few miles away...and they will be moving out here TOMORROW! 

I will be able to see my little girl as often as I like!  Mom too...[sorry Mom...I'm excited that you will be here too. LOL]  But I am really looking forward to being a more positive influence in Alyissa's life.  We get along so well and I love that she feels safe with me and comfortable to be herself.  That is what I want for her. 

I prayed for a long time to be a Mom...but it just was not going to happen with my husband and I.  And I understand now, through our current circumstances, why we don't have children.  But, in a way, this is an answer to my prayers because I can be a 'Spiritual Mom' just as well as I can be a real Mom.  I can give Aly the guidance and love necessary for her growth as a human being...and that fulfills my maternal instincts, thus filling the hole in my heart.  Leaving a legacy is very important to me, and now I have an opportunity to do just that. 

Praise God for answered prayers. 

Aly, I love EXACTLY who you are!  I am so happy that I will get to spend more time with you.  I am excited for the times to come.  You are my precious girl.  I love you very much...ALWAYS.  Love, Auntie

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"SO THEY CAN MAKE THEMSELVES FEEL MORE SUPERIOR" ...that my friend is the absolute truth... they're not happy with themselves, so they make others feel the same way... I am glad to hear that your mom will be moving so close... and I think just for the record "  you would make a wonderful mom" whether it be spiritual or otherwise... my opinion, anyone can be a mother... but it takes a special quality to be a mom... and you have all of those some....I think Alyissa will be just fine with you and your mom on her side... take care my friend...
my love to you and yours.

rdautumnsage said...

This is my first time here and I'm blessed to have read this endearing entry. Aly will have all the mothering and love she needs between you and your Mother. Sounds like the beginning of some special memories in the making. (Hugs)Indigo

lv2trnscrb said...

that is wonderful news, Jamie!! you will be such a blessing to her, as she will be a blessing to you!! it is tough to raise a teen these days to be "good" when society and the enemy wants to get a hold of them and lead them down other paths that are destructive

so glad she'll be closer to you; lots of prayer for her and a good youth group, and of course, trusting in the Lord!!!


fisherkristina said...

Oh Jamie, that is so special.  You will be as special to her as she is to you.  You are making me want to go and find a little girl now.  With all the chemo and the bmt and the transfusions John has had, and everything else.  We will never be able to have children.  I know you did not find her, LOL.  That doesn't sound right.  The Lord put you two together.  You are blessed...

Krissy :)