Sunday, April 27, 2008

Heading Home

Hello All,

Jay has been doing very well the past couple of days, so the hospital says it is time to go home.  Praise the Lord!  They actually wanted to send him home today, but Jay asked for an additional day just to be safe.  I'm glad he did because I would hate to get home and have something go wrong.  So, here we are at City of Hope for the last night.  We should be out of here in the morning.

Jay has been a good boy and has done his exercises and walked the halls and done all that he was told to do and our reward is to be able to go home.  I miss my bed...and I know that Jay does too.  The people here have been perfectly nice and done a great job of taking care of my guy, but I can't wait to get him home. 

In my celebration for the fact that we get to leave soon, I can't help but have a heavy heart for those that have to remain here because they are too sick to go home.  We have walked the halls and seen who is doing well and who is not.  My heart goes out to all of them.  The struggle that they are going through to get well, or at least to have some small measurement of normalcy is something that we have gone through, but we get a break for now...I pray the same for them.  If  I could just take all of their pain away, I would in a heartbeat.  Cancer is a disease that can rob someone of everything they have and I know that we all go through trials for a reason, but in my ideal one would have to go through having to endure cancer.

For those of you who are praying for me and Jay...please take a moment to thank the Lord for our miracle, but also lift up the patients here at City of Hope, that they would receive the same blessing.  Anything is possible with God, so if we all help to carry the burden of the patients here, God will listen.  He is faithful to deliver.  Prayer changes situations...and collectively, we could pray this disease away.  Pray in faith.

Thank you to all who have prayed for us.  I cannot express to you enough how much I appreciate your open hearts.  God is listening...please continue to pray.

With Much Love,



lv2trnscrb said...

great news that he's going to be discharged tomorrow!! thank you Lord!! that is fantastic news; will keep you in my prayers


fisherkristina said...

I continue to pray for Jay, and am also praying for those at the City of Hope.


ajquinn354 said...

Jaime wonderful news hearing your Jay can come home, indeed a wonderful miracle for your hubby and also you.  Enjoy each moments  of every day.  Will keep all the folks at City of Hope in my prayers....cancer is ahorrendous disease, has touched my Sis Mary Ann twice, but thankfully she's doing well, her hubby Ron fought his cancer for 5 years before God took him home. Have lost several other cherish relatives and friends to cancer, so hearing that Jay was blessed to be able to have the surgery and hear your wonderful results has touched my heart very much. Bless you both.  Arlene (AJ)