Friday, June 20, 2008

Life Continues On...

Today, Jay has a PET/CT scan...many thoughts go with that, but in the interest of taking my thoughts captive, I will just say that the Lord is faithful and leave the planning of my husband's life to Him. 

For those of you who are praying for my Jaybird...please pray that it is a clean signs of cancer...but ultimately, the Lord's will be done.

As for me...this is a time of, it has nothing to do with eating...LOL...but it has everything to do with me getting closer to the Lord and refreshing my soul.  I have to admit that the past two and a half years have been really exhausting...but with this break that the Lord has given to us, I am now looking to rebuild my strength and for the Holy Spirit to be replenished within me. 

I have joined a new ministry at my church.  It is an eight week study called, "Mentoring Matters."  I am being mentored by a wonderful godly woman.  I had my first study last night with a very small and intimate group of six with the mentor.  It is a special blessing to know that I will be encouraged and sustained by God through these women.  Each one of us is totally unique but we all have the common thread of Jesus Christ that weaves us together.  It is a special time.

I look forward to sharing with everyone about my experiences in this new ministry and how the Lord is speaking to me.  May God receive the glory.

Thank you to everyone for your continued prayers.  I am husband is blessed...WE are blessed to have you.



ajquinn354 said...

You and Jay are in my prayers for good news about the PET/CT scan. Glad you found this new ministry, sure it will bring a great source of peace and love to your heart.  Keep us posted on how Jay's test went.  Arlene (AJ)

fisherkristina said...

I am praying that Jay's scans come out clean.  Oh Jamie, how refreshing, being mentored.  What a wonderful ministry.  Just relax and know that He is Lord.

Krissy :)

lv2trnscrb said...

I do want to hear more about that mentoring ministry; I have had the privilege of being mentored and being a mentor myself and both were such wonderful experiences; I need to do that again

will pray for Jay's PET/CT scan's results, and I agree with you, whatever the Lord's will is and whatever will glorify him

I'm glad you are having a time of rest to get replinished