Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Normal Life?

Hello Everyone!

Yes, I know...it has been a while since I've written in my journal.  I have been living what I THINK is a normal life again.  Praise the Lord.  A life filled with comings and goings for Jay and I...visitations with friends...dates to the movies and dinner...being lazy on the couch and watching TV...just LIFE.  A life without hospitals...worry about the effects of chemo...just LIFE.  How wonderful it is!!

Well, today we have a consultation appointment with Jay's oncologist here in our local town...no more City of Hope for now...just regular check ups with the original oncologist who wouldn't touch Jay with a 10 foot pole as far as surgery went...he promised that Jay would bleed out on the table if he sent him to have surgery.  WRONG AGAIN DOC!  I'm interested to see what he has to say as he looks at Jay and sees how well he is doing.  That should be sort of fun.  I know, I shouldn't find joy in proving to someone that they were wrong...but in a way...I will be happy to watch him squirm a little.  LOL

Jay and I have been talking lately about whether he thinks that chemotherapy is the way to go to follow up the surgery.  Jay has been wavering.  It's his decision all the way.  If he's not ready, fine with me!  I think he is looking at waiting for the first scan to happen sometime in July or August and see what it presents and then go from there.  If he really is cancer free, the first scan should come back clean...and then hopefully the next...and then the next...but we have no way of knowing.  Only God knows.  I'm leaving it to Him.  I am just overjoyed at the fact that my honey is looking so good and healthy again.  He actually has a wonderful color to his face and almost a glow.  He says that he didn'tven realize that his face was so discolored from the effects of chemo and the cancer.  But he looks in the mirror now and realizes what "healthy" looks like.

So, for now and prayerfully forever, I get to live a normal life.  I am making the transition into living again.  New adventures, new people, new life...that is the best blessing ever...NORMAL!

I pray that everyone is doing well.  I didn't realize how much I've missed communicating with you all.  Have a wonderfulday!  And I promise to write again soon.



fisherkristina said...

Hi Jamie.  Just two minutes ago, I was thinking about how my life was now normal, as was John's.  What a strange yet glorious feeling.  I think we stick with it, LOL.  You can always wait for the rest of your life for the other shoe to fall.  But why?  From now on, we are thinking cancerfree.  If it comes back, well it comes back, and we will deal with  it then.  Meanwhile it is a big fat NORMAL.  See you on this side of NORMAL also!  Love ya,  

Krissy :)

lv2trnscrb said...

so glad things are going well and you and Jay aer able to do some normal things that we take for granted,(movies out, dinners, etc); definitely thanking the Lord for all he had done in your and Jay's lifes :)


ajquinn354 said...

Jamie so nice seeing words from you I was wondering how you and Jay were doing.  So glad you are enjoying some normalcy again in your lives after all you've been through. As to whether Jay follows up with the chemo is only a decision he can make.....here's hoping for good news on his scan. My wish is for you both to be able to enjoy good, happy, normal times from here on out.  Bless you both. Arlene (AJ)