Friday, January 30, 2009


Okay, here is the latest...

Jay had an appointment with his oncologist on Wednesday. We came up with a more comprehensive pain management plan...thank the Lord! We will see if it works. So far, he has still had a ton of pain. Also, we found out that his tumor in the pelvic area has grown to twice its size since August 2008. That means that the chemo drug that he has been on since September is not working. So the doctor changed him to a brand new chemo drug. They have never given it to their patients, it's that new. We will be the guinea pigs. This new drug, Vectibix, has just been put out on the market. We are waiting for it to arrive and then Jay will have chemo next Wednesday. I am a always a bit nervous about a new chemo drug because Jay's body doesn't always react well to them. I am praying that he will be okay and his body will be able to tolerate it. Time will tell with this one.

Jay and I are both extremely exhausted. He is tired of being in pain and not feeling well enough to get out and be active, and I'm tired of this disease robbing him of the ability to get out and live his life! I am drawing strength from the Lord...that is how I am able to work AND take care of Jay. The Lord has been faithful to give me the exact measure that I need to take care of business. But, my body has taken a beating from all of this and it is feeling the need to crash. I can feel it happening. It feels like all of my energy is being sucked out of my body through my big toe. I've lost so much sleep that I am having trouble recuperating. Even when I am able to sleep for several hours straight (which doesn't happen often) it is not enough for me to feel refreshed by it.

These are difficult times, but we are both hanging in there with each other. Jay is still my hero. He is amazing to me.

Love to you all. Pray for us.


kelly said...

you both are my hero... what you have been through and can still remain optimistic is amazing. I wish you both the best and will continue keeping you in my prayers.. I wish Jay the best and hope he has good luck with the new chemo drug..
my love to you and yours

Trish said...

I am praying the new chemo drug works out good. You guys have been through so much. Please take care of yourself too. Get some rest, I know it's easy for me to say right.
I just know that when you are a caregiver it can take it's toll on you.
Wishing you well,

a corgi said...

(((Jamie))) ((Jay)))

do take care of yourself, Jamie; caregiving is hard; do something good for yourself as often as you can

will keep you in my prayers


Arlene (AJ) said...

You both are in my thoughts and prayers....miracles happen and may this new med be such for Jay. Know we all care about you two, just wish I could be there in person to give you support and a big hug dear.

Sarah said...

You are my hero! Your strength, attitude and perseverence through this are an example! I'm confident you will hear "well done..." Love you!