Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Blessed Weekend

Well we got started on the long holiday weekend a little early...on Wednesday...Jay had chemo in the morning and in the last 20 minutes of the session, he began to have back spasms and his complexion turned to a slight shade of gray. Needless to say, it was alarming to me AND Patty (our chemo nurse). Patty immediately shut the machine off and ran saline through the IV to see if that would take care of the reaction. It did...praise the Lord! But Jay is famous for having a reaction to each chemo regimen after a certain number of sessions received. So, I took him home and sat and watched him very closely for 24 hours. I hardly slept because I was afraid he would have a delayed that has happened before and landed us in the ER. But praise God nothing further happened. So we made it to Thursday without any complications or illness.

Since Jay had chemo on Wednesday, we decided not to celebrate Thanksgiving until Friday so it allowed us to relax for a day or so and recuperate.

Fast forward to Friday...our "official" Thanksgiving Day and my birthday. I cooked a turkey dinner for the very first time in my whole life. I was so proud that I even took a picture...

It may not look like much, but it was tender and juicy and yummy! The dinner was a hit...praise God that I didn't poison anyone! LOL

As I was preparing dinner, my niece, Aly, was getting some exercise from playing Dance, Dance Revolution on the Wii...

She is so cute! I just adore her.

After all was said and done...I think I washed about five loads of HAND because I don't own a dishwasher...can you say, "Dish-pan hands??" LOL

We have spent the past couple of days recovering from all of the action...we don't see much around here...and this is what everyone in the house looks like now...LOL.

It was a wonderful weekend...a blessed birthday and Thanksgiving...I couldn't have asked for anything more. The Lord was faithful to bless the time spent with my family...and brought some restorative time to Jay.
For all of these things...I am thankful.


Trish said...

So sorry Jay had a bad reaction to his treatment. I wish him well.
Sounds like you had a great celebration. Your turkey looked tasty!! Happy Birthday.
Take care,

a corgi said...

Happy belated birthday Jamie! sounds like it was a great day, all in all! good looking turkey; you did good for your first turkey!!

so thankful that Jay didn't have more of a reaction and you could enjoy your time together :)


kelly said...

as you can see my computer is up and running... I am so sorry to hear about Jay's reaction.. and I am truly sorry that I did not get a chance to wish you a Happy Birthday... thinking of you as always... you and Jay are always in my prayers...
Love to you...