Wednesday, March 5, 2008


This photo says it all for me.  My honey was the recipient of HOPE yesterday.  These people mean business and I am thankful to the Lord for opening the door to City of Hope.

This is the word for the day, the month, the year!!  Praise God!

This place just spews encouragement.  The fountain is beautiful, but check out the sign on the building behind it..."Think Cure" is what it says.

This cherry blossom tree is just simply gorgeous.  In its own way, it creates a hope as well.  I just love it.

Well, yesterday was a blessing.  For the first time, Jay has hope for a cure for his disease.  The doctor at City of Hope was very nice and also very to the point.  He is referring us to a surgeon for a consultation because it is the only way for a possible cure.  CURE PEOPLE!!  Praise the Lord for even the possiblity!!

Dr. Lim told us that we can do chemotherapy forever and it still wouldn't help the situation.  The cancer will always come back and also the chemo will eventually just stop working at all.  So his solution is to send Jay for surgery to remove the one and only peanut-size tumor in his belly and then a small round of chemo afterwards to see if we can get him in remission.  How awesome is that!! 

And when Jay and I discussed, in front of the doctor, our vacation in May and wondered when the surgery would be and how long the recovery would be and what the potential was that we wouldn't be able to take a vacation at all, Jay suddenly thought about it all and got upset and said, "Well, I'm not doing anything until after May!"  Dr. Lim took one look at Jay and locked in on his eyes and said very sternly, "We're in the business of saving your life!  That's why you're here!  If I send you to a surgeon and he says you're going to have surgery next week; you're going to have surgery next week!"  Woohoo!! I loved that!  A doctor with a real passionfor his patient.  That put it in the right perspective for Jay and he surrendered any thoughts of waiting to have surgery. 

It was a great day yesterday.  Jay received hope.  That is all I wanted for him.  He deserves to have some hope. 

So now we wait for the surgeon's office to call with an appointment and we will take the steps necessary to save Jay's life.  I know that this is God's plan for us to be receiving help from City of Hope.  I am so thankful to Him for everything that He is doing on our behalf.

I just love my honey and pray that I have many many years with him. 


fisherkristina said...

Praise God that Jay has been given hope, even better - praise God that Jay has been given a real chance!  He can make it!  I am so glad he has a serious doctor who believes that he can make it.  One that is compassionate.  My husband John has one also.  And look at where John is today, in remission from two cancers, praise God!  So let us know when the surgery is, and I will put something in my blog so that others will pray!

Krissy :)

lv2trnscrb said...

thanking the Lord for this wonderful report, Jamie!! that is just awesome news!!! I like this doctor's approach and his way of thinking!!

Hope is a glorious word!!


ajquinn354 said...

Jamie the City of Hope and Think Cure is indeed a blessing for your Jay. So glad the Doctor got the message through to Jay that surgery could be his miracle and needs to be done when the Doctor says.  Just look at the wonder this hope can bring Jay and you and all the vacations you can take after his treatment.  Bless you both. Arlene (AJ)