Sunday, March 16, 2008

When life gives you lemons...



We were given a bunch of fresh lemons the other day so we decided to go out and get a was yummy!  But it was a wonderful metaphor for what we happen to be going through at the moment.  What seems to be meant for evil...God is turning into something good.  These are special moments with my honey. 

God bless!



lv2trnscrb said...

great pictures!! great attitude :)

Romans 8:28!!!!

betty said...

what else can you do? a great attitude and always cherish these moments.....lots of well wishes to you and to Jay.....

fisherkristina said...

That's wonderful!  Have many special moments with your honey!

Krissy :)

ajquinn354 said...

Jamie enjoy every special moment you can with your Jay....that's what is most important.  Take care. Bless you both.  Arlene (AJ)

luv2sing4him777 said...

Those lemons remind me of when I would drink the juice out of them before I would dad told me that my grandfather (who was in vaudeville) said that all the singers would suck on a lemon to help their throat, eweeeeeeee, doesn't it make your mouth water!!!

I just wanted to say that you and Jay are such an inspiration to me and I'm sure many others. What a witness you both are.  I pray that God will give both you and Jay peace and strength with all that you're going thru.  God Bless and keep you in His tender loving care.

Love Sharon

momofjamiekins said...

That photo is soooooo JAY!!!!!!!  Enjoy the lemons.  I'm so glad Jay has decided to do the surgery.  You both are in my prayers always - I lift you both up to the LORD.

Love ya,

Mom Erin

susannorf said...

This is wonderful.  This makes me tear up with Joy in my heart.  His load has been lightened.  I love my son-in-law with all my heart (well a fourth of it anyway) and to see him like this is such a blessing.

I love my Jamie & Jay!