Friday, March 23, 2007

A New Day

"Great are Your tender mercies , O LORD; Revive me according to Your judgments." (Psalm 119:56 NKJV)

Praise the Lord for His mercies!  He is so faithful!! 

Jay just completed his second full week of radiation with very little side effects.  Yes, he is having side effects, but he is able to withstand the annoyances of them.  I give the glory to the Lord for that! 

Each day that Jay is able to go about his business is a day that I am grateful for and rejoicing in.  I believe that my husband is the strongest man I have ever met.  To endure these major life changes in such a short span of time and be able to persevere as he has, I can't express enough how much of a hero he is to me.  I couldn't be more proud to call him my man!

My prayer, as he gets ready to go in for his third week of treatment, is that the Lord would sustain his energy and protect him from any harm that could potentially come his way.  Those of you who pray could assist me with my request to the Lord for this.  I've heard that energy levels can decrease with each new week of treatment, and other complications can begin to happen, but I am secure in my faith and trust that the Lord will only allow His will to be done, and His will is all I want. 

One thing I am appreciating about my Jaybird being at home, well...there are many that come to mind, but the one that stands out to me right now is the fact that we have been able to spend more time together and enjoy each other's company.  Most of the time, we just hang out at home and watch movies or TV, and we try to watch things that will make us laugh. 

I will tell you that listening to my husband's laugh is a huge blessing to me.  My heart is filled with such joy to sit and listen to his big belly laugh.  He watches a bunch of shows on cable that the humor seems to escape me, but he certainly gets it, and boy...that sound just blesses my soul. 

It's a great day when we find a show that caters to both of our senses of humor.  Both of us have a really BIG laugh when we get going, so I would imagine it would be a sight for someone to walk in on us holding our stomachs from the pain of laughter.  Ahhh, there is no greater feeling than that of the pain felt from really hard laughter.

I am grateful to the Lord for those treasured times with my honey.  I do love him so.

To my beloved Jaybird, I will love you until the end of time.


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