Monday, October 12, 2009

Anniversary of a Different Sort...

Today marks the three month anniversary of my husband's passing. It is very strange to me that I can be going along "moving forward" and the realization of a date can pull me back into "stand still" mode.

Three months ago today, more specifically at 11:45 am, my honey passed into his eternity. What a weird feeling to know that three months have gone by already, and yet it seems like a long time ago too. *sigh*

This is a different kind of anniversary for me...I'm ready for the first year to be over with already. Just rip the huge band-aid off already!

I miss Jay terribly...but still grateful for where he is at now. No more pain or suffering for's just my turn now. All the while, I receive my comfort from a Lord who loves me beyond measure today, and always. Praise the Lord.

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a corgi said...

(((Jamie))) I'm so sorry

Thank you Lord for being there with Jamie; for holding her up as she grieves and misses Jay; thank you Lord for loving her.......