Thursday, October 22, 2009

A "Single" Moment...

I am trying really hard to embrace this thing called "being single" but, for some reason, when I get in the grocery store, suddenly my singleness is never more evident! LOL I used to watch people as they would purchase their groceries and I could tell immediately if they were single or not.

1 melon, 1 half gallon of milk, sliced cheese, sliced meat, and half a gallon of ice cream = SINGLE!

Well, here I was, shopping for miscellaneous food items the other day...getting things I think I will be hungry for later on. Walking down the frozen food section...picking up a few things...stopping just short of the Hot Pockets because that, to me, is just a truly pathetic sign that I am single and I just can't go there! LOL So I pick up a couple of single serving pizzas instead. (like that makes a difference) So here is my grocery cart:

1 half gallon of milk, 1 package of grated cheese, 2 single pizzas = SINGLE

Nothing like still feeling married but having the reality of being single slap you in the face! And as I walk down the frozen food aisle, I see an older woman probably in her 80s all alone walking with her walker that has a cute little basket that she is stuffing full of frozen dinners, and I think to myself, "Lord, please don't let that be me." And as I'm lifting that quick little prayer to the Lord, I turn to the vegetable aisle and an adorable old couple, probably in their 80s, picking out vegetables and the cute old man does all the work for his wife by putting the veggies in the bag and putting them in the cart. Witnessing this mutual kindness between them, I quickly lift another prayer to the of my heart's desire, "Lord, THAT is what I want!"

While I can't imagine being married to anyone else but my husband right now, I believe in the institution of marriage and I long to have another companion if or when the Lord sees fit. Hopefully it would be a life long relationship so that when I am 80 years old someone will look at me and my future spouse and think, "what a blessing."

But for now, I have to accept my singleness and more importantly, remember that I am now married to Jesus. I couldn't ask for a better spouse than Him.

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a corgi said...

I would imagine, Jamie, it will take awhile to really embrace "single" much less accept it. Its not where you imagined you would be when you married Jay and I am sure each step of your journey in "singledom" is so incredible hard. But you are right, Jesus is right there with you, you are definitely the Bride of Christ :)